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Borsa İstanbul  visit organized by IFE Istanbul  Institute of Finance in cooperation with Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST within scope of the “Lifelong Financial Literacy” program was realized on 23 February by participation of 7th and 8th grade classes of Kemerburgaz Doğa College.

ISE Official Arzu Girgin made a presentation in the conference hall and conveyed information to students on Markets, Stocks, Functions of the Stock Exchange and Trades in an understandable fashion. Curiosity and interest of the students was high.

Also, Çetin Altay’s book “Money for Kids”, published by IFE Istanbul Institute of Finance Publications, was distributed to children.

Students presented their views of the stock exchange. ISE visit ended after watching the session hall live for 20 minutes.

This visit which is planned to be repeated with a different school each month will help to increase financial awareness.







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