Negotiation Skills for Managers

Negotiation Skills for


April 20-21, 2019, Swissotel The Bosphorus,


Final Price: USD 2.250+VAT


Seminar Director: Noam EBNER

Noam Ebner chairs the online graduate degree program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution offered by the Werner Institute at Creighton University’s School of Law. Originally from the US and currently residing in Israel, he is an attorney and an accomplished negotiation consultant.

As partner in a law firm specializing in civil and commercial law as well as the director of a mediation center, he has been called in on cases spanning a large range of industries and issues. His interventions in these issues include legal representation and counsel, negotiation representation, corporate training, executive counseling and coaching.

As a mediator for the court system, Noam has dealt with hundreds of conflicts as a third party neutral. Noam balances teaching with practice, and believes in a hands-on method that encourages students to begin practicing their new skills as soon as they enter the classroom.

Over the past decade, Noam has been a visiting professor at Sabanci University's MBA and EMBA programs as well as at its Graduate Program on Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and he has worked extensively with the Turkish business community across a wide range of industries.

The seminars are conducted in English.


An Integral Part of Everyday Life


Managers spend most of their time negotiating. They come into constant contact with those above and below them in the corporate structure, with colleagues and competitors, with customers and suppliers. In many of these interactions, parties attempt to achieve their aims through a mixture of dialog, persuasion and pressure. Often, the outcome of these interactions is crucial to at least one of the parties involved.

Like any other process, negotiation entails the use of particular tools and skills. Whether the goal is negotiating a contract, convening a working team, or settling employee-management disputes, similar communication skills are used and similar tactical tools are employed. How effectively these are used goes a long way towards deciding the outcome of an issue. Studying these tools and skills, and improving their use through a process of practice, feedback, insight and yet more practice, is an essential part of being an effective and competent manager. And, when all is said and done, expertise in negotiation will improve the bottom line of every deal managers make in their careers.

Unique Benefits of Attending This 2-Day Seminar

In this seminar, participants will:

· Discover similarities among the many negotiation processes in which they engage;

· Learn to form strategies for negotiating effectively

· Practice choosing and implementing a competitive, winner-take-all style, as well as a cooperative style aimed at searching for win/win solutions;

· Learn to identify and deal with “dirty tricks” the other party may use;

· Acquire powerful communication skills for ensuring that the other party will hear and understand them;

Equip themselves with a negotiation toolbox which will enable them to act mindfully and effectively while negotiating.

Seminar Outline

· The right tool for the job: Choosing a Negotiation Strategy;

· C3: Cooperation, competition and compromise

· Negotiating by instinct: Personal negotiation styles - and how they slow us down

· Making every word count: Communication skills for effective negotiation

· “What if they…?”: Dealing with “dirty tricks” the other party pulls

· Before walking in: Preparing for negotiation

· The world is my training grounds – Practicing and improving business negotiation skills in everyday life

Although the seminar will touch on state-of-the-art negotiation theories, its primary focus will be on negotiation practice.

Participants will be able to apply the skills they gain the moment they walk out the door. The learning format includes interactive lectures as well as role-playing exercises and simulation-games, in which students will experience negotiations by participating in them as actual parties, in a variety of settings.


Venue Details

Swissotel Bosphorus, Visnezade Mah. Acisu Sok. NO. 19 Macka Besiktas Istanbul Turkey


Final Price : 2.250 USD+VAT(18%)

Group booking Discounts

2-3 delegates - 10% discount

4-6 delegates - 15% discount

Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the prices.

Certificate of Participation will be given to the participants by IFE İstanbul Institute of Finance


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