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- The researches that have been carried out have shown that consumers have limited knowledge regarding issues about finance and economy.
- Many financial products and services are too complex for people.
- Individuals have a hard time understanding financial issues.
- Many people do not plan ahead or cannot select the products that will serve their needs.
- People do not undergo financial education in any stage of their lives. No encouragement comes from the authorities.
- There are serious problems regarding credit card/personal loan/mortgage.


- IFE will primarily develop high quality Financial Training Projects for individuals.
- Basic Finance information will be given to the participants by arranging basic, understandable and economically feasible training sessions.
- Seminars will be held to help introduce Current Financial instruments.

In the medium term IFE will arrange continuous and easily accessible “Increasing Financial Proficiency” classes without any prerequisite for:
- Those who feel inadequate about financial issues
- Those who wish to increase their knowledge
- Those who want to learn about financial instruments
- Those who want to get information about family budget, consumption and investment tools.

ISTANBUL, primarily a regional and finally a GLOBAL FINANCE CENTER

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