Strategic Management both Financial and Corporate Governance

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Dr. Sebahattin Demirkan

Assistant Professor


Sawyer Business School

Suffolk University

Boston, MA 02108








Our Training in Strategic Management both Financial and Corporate Governance is designed to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on various business-related career alternatives. It offers management for those finance and account managers who already have some accounting and/or finance background, and is suited to those participants wishing to pursue careers as management accountants or management consultants within business organisations.

Tomorrow's management accountants and management consultants will be at the hub of both day-to-day and strategic organisational life - as dynamic partners to other business managers, and as leaders of change management projects, systems design, strategy formulation and much more.

In addition, the programme also caters for non-specialists who wish to pursue a more general business/managerial career, but with increased financial and commercial astuteness.

As leading-edge research suggests, a broad knowledge of strategic management issues will, in the future, be essential in all medium and large organisations. Financial and non-financial management is no longer only for accountants, but is an important requirement amongst managers across all business functions. This programme offers participants with an excellent platform, post-graduation, to enter the fast-changing worlds of management accountants, management consultants and global business managers.

Our course:

  • is informed by the latest, and leading-edge, research in the relevant discipline areas,
  • provides leading-edge insight into the roles and skills requirements for tomorrow's management accountants, consultants and global business managers,
  • contains an infusion of organisational case studies relating to (changing) financial management and management accounting practice, incorporating group discussions and presentations,
  • Features professionalism and employability.

Aims of the Programme

This programme aims to develop participants' understanding of the environment in which strategic management operates and changes. It tackles subject areas that go beyond just financial analysis per se and encapsulates many other important aspects of the remit of today's management accountants, management consultants and business managers – which could include (but is by no means restricted to) strategy, change management, international financial reporting, corporate governance, corporate responsibility, accounting in developing countries.

The modules you study encourage you to think analytically and critically about the ways in which modern businesses organisations create and use financial information, in both operational and strategic contexts.

Day 1:

Financial Strategic Management Understanding Financial Reporting

* Financial Statements

Ø Balance Sheet

-Classification of assets and interaction between them

-Classification of Liabilities and shareholders.

-Strategic choices

Ø Income Statement

-The role of income statement in decision making process

-How companies decide what to report on income statements

Ø Retained Earnings Statements

-Analysis of Retained earnings statement

-Why companies retain earnings?

Ø Cash Flow Statements

-Importance of cash flow statement in decision making process

-Sections of Cash Flow Statements

* Corporate Investments

-Bonds and notes (Debt Securities)

-Common and Preferred Stocks (Equity Securities)

Day 2:

Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

* Strategic Management

Ø Understanding Strategic the Management Process

-Vision and Mission Statements

-Strategic Analysis (External and Internal Business Environments)

-Strategic Choice (Business Level and Corporate Level strategies)

-Strategy Implementation (Strategic organizational structure)

Ø Domestic and International Management practices  (mini case studies)

* Understanding Basic Corporate Governance Concepts

- Executives and compensation (Different practices around the world)

- Shareholders, stake holders and other interest groups.

- Role of corporate governance in decision making process

* Understanding Cost Management and Control

- Basic managerial accounting concepts

- Analysis of cost structure, volume, pricing and profitability

- Relevant Information for Special Decisions

- Activity Based Costing

- Performance Evaluation



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