Can you say you are part of the world’s largest anti-financial crime membership organization ?

75,000 ACAMS members can

When you join ACAMS you don’t just get training, we open you up to a whole new world of connections.

ACAMS is the world’s largest membership organisation dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of financial crime prevention professionals.

ACAMS has partnered with the Istanbul Institute of Finance to deliver its flagship Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and Certified Global Sanctions Specialist (CGSS) Certifications in Turkey.

ACAMS Certifications

  • The gold standard in AML certifications.
  • Global organisations and regulators trust CAMS.
  • Join of community of 42,000 CAMS-certified specialists. Study and sit for CAMS in as little as three months.
  • Brand new CAMS-level certification for Sanctions Professionals.
  • Be one of the first worldwide to become a Certified Global Sanctions Specialist.
  • Sanctions are being used in ways never seen before. Prepare to respond to changing goalposts.

For more information, contact:

IFE Istanbul Institute of Finance
Phone No: +90 212 322 0444 | +90 850 302 0433 Email :